Friday, October 3, 2008

shut up

I'm currently sitting in a semi-deserted courtyard in Cal Poly SLO trying to kill time until my room is ready to check into. Said courtyard was entirely deserted and peaceful until this girl decided to sit three-feet yonder and color her art homework while yaking away on her cell phone. She has a whole fucking yard to sit and color, that bitch. Why the fuck did she sit next to me? I have utter disdain for her. Her leopard print flats are so obnoxious. Her accent annoys me. She is completely uninteresting from what I gather from her side of the conversation. I can't ignore her because I've now committed myself to hating her for ruining my quiet. I refuse to move because I was here first. 

So I dedicate this post to her and to anyone I've had to listen to talk on the phone. It's annoying as fuck. I understand a concise, informational back-and-forth, but actual conversations and useless banter are unacceptable if you're surrounded by other people. I hate when I'm in a car with someone who is talking on their phone because this means the music has to be turned off or lowered, I'm not allowed to talk to anyone else who might be in the car, and I have to subject myself to listening to half of a conversation. I mean if I'm being polite for your sake you might as well inconvenience me as little as possible. And there's no possible way to ignore listening to the conversation. There's been a study on it--people pay more attention when they hear only half a conversation. Now, I can understand if the call is important, but keep it short unless you want me to consider shooting you. This rule also applies when someone is watching TV. ACTUALLY, if that ever happens, do your friend a favor and TAKE YOUR CONVERSATION TO ANOTHER ROOM. There are infinitely many convenient places to talk on the mobile phone, there is usually only one convenient place to watch TV. People have pulled this on me so many times. It seems too obvious to point out that it's rude. Why does it seem I'm the only one who thinks this is annoying? Are cell phones too recent of an invention to have proper etiquette for them?  

Since I'm on this cell phone rant, I might as well list the other things I hate about some people and their cell phones:

1. Ring tones. You should not have to pay money to have your phone ring. It rings for free. 
2. The shitty song I'm forced to wait through just to get to you. I mean, come on, subjecting someone else to your musical tastes is not only annoying but can also be embarrassing.  
3. Stop talking so loudly. I hate you. 
4. ....That's about all I can think of for now. I've only had 2 hours of sleep. 

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