Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm a winner!

I'm never drinking again. It's 9:05 p.m. and I'm still queasy. Here's how I ended up with the worst hangover of my life...or at least what I remember. 

Arrived at Nader's at 10 with a fifth of gin, a fifth of jack, and tonic water of course. We start drinking immediately. Rainey downs two gin and tonics and about two shots of jack along with a delicious steak dinner. During the course of the evening, I bring up how I want to jump into the Custom hotel pool and get kicked out for good. I hate Custom. I hate the people there and how incredibly pretentious it all is. The only time I have fun is when I'm shitfaced and by the time we left the apartment, I was very merry indeed.

Nader and I exchange pulls of the gin in my car once we arrive. I can't even fathom how much was consumed. The bottle was missing this morning so I'm assuming we drank it all. We get to Custom and Nader buys me a pint of Stella. By the time I finish drinking it, I am completely wasted. At this point my memory of the night is appropriately hazy. I don't remember a single conversation. But I was apparently able to communicate that I wanted to jump into the pool because someone pushed me in! I kinda remember the shock of being submerged in water but I don't remember how I got out of the pool or if anyone helped me get out or if many people were staring. I'm not entirely sure who pushed me in, hell, I thought it was all a dream, but the wet pile of clothes and shoes lying next to me on the couch I passed out on confirmed the abhorrent truth. I vaguely remember going to Oscar's apartment after leaving Custom. I have no idea when or how I got back. 

I woke up this morning with a pounding headache, stomach pains, still drunk and wearing Nader's shirt backwards and no pants. I slept with my contacts in, and I still have no idea where they are. They might be lodged in my eyes or I'm guessing they're somewhere on Nader's couch. I muster up the strength to leave, eat two Advils, kindly accept a a pair of pants and cup of water from James that I end up throwing up into a bush along with the Advils. 

The drive home was dreadful. My face was partially numb so I at least couldn't quite feel the headache, but the bumps on the road were not conducive to my ailing stomach. It was so bad that I threw up on myself while driving on the freeway. Nader's shirt is now covered in my vomit. The delicious steak wasted. I throw up exactly 6 more times throughout the day when I finally arrive home. 

You're welcome.         

**EDIT** oct. 30
Steph helped me piece together some of the evening in our following Skype conversation:

Lorraine Chow  
i still dont know who pushed me

[identity protected]

Lorraine Chow

u told him to hold ur purse and to push u in

Lorraine Chow
no waay..

and then cordel grabbed ur purse for u and the [person who pushed you in] acted like he didnt know u

Lorraine Chow
who's cordel?

one of the security guards

Lorraine Chow
and did i get out myself or did someone fish me out?
this is so sad that i have to ask you all this! i honestly don't remember shit

nader was pulling u out
but i knew i was far too weak
so i was next to him suggesting u get out by the stairs
after a few attempts of u getting out, nader fished u out
cuz u couldnt really help with the getting up part

Lorraine Chow
i could have drowned!

u were kind of an asshole that night lol
which im pretty sure was ur goal
not to me but just to others

Lorraine Chow
that was my intention
to leave with a splash


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