Thursday, October 16, 2008

Only fools rush in

The UCI fair was long, and the drive to and from was horrific. Rush Limbaugh's nut-job ranting didn't make the morning drive any better--in fact it irritated me even more. Road rage, sleep deprivation, and conservative talk radio should never be combined. But on the bright side, the newest Student Traveler is out. I'm published!! My name, three articles, and my mug (I'm second to the right in the pic above) are currently in circulation. As if my ego isn't big enough already! 

In my last entry I asked the proverbial question, "Now what?" mainly due to this quarter-life crisis of mine. I had been beating myself up over this for some time now, and, well, crisis averted! I've concluded that I don't need to pressure myself with an answer, as it all figures itself out. Why do I need to be interning in D.C., or have some entry-level job at a fabulous company, or studying for my first law/business/grad school midterms? I just really don't want any of that now, nor do I even know what I want, nor do I want to pigeonhole myself into someone else's plan because I think it sounds good. I'm gonna let the course chart itself. I'm excited about the possibilities and where it'll all lead--especially with Japan in the horizon. So many of the most wonderful things that have happened to me happened without any premeditation.  

My newly found contentedness is all thanks to this 30-something named Carrie I worked the UCI study abroad fair with. I spent four hours casually talking with her, and in our bantering she was so unexpectedly sagacious in the way that older generations are in their interactions with the generation behind theirs. I can only compare it to me giving advice to an 7th grader, in that having 10 more years of life lived certainly affords you the clarity and confidence someone 10 years younger doesn't. She made my problems seem so trivial. Her twenties were all about fucking up, moving around, taking chances, and losing sight of her dreams, but also stumbling upon the dreams she didn't know she had. How exciting!    

In other news, Kings of Leon was fantastic, of course. My third time being in the same general vicinity as Caleb Followill once again did not result in a makeout session, but at least I got a free poster.

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