Monday, September 22, 2008

The New Facebook

Don't Like:

1. Lumping of friends in all networks. I can't easily tell if I have more or fewer friends than you at LMU. And now I realize I have fewer combined friends than some of my friends and that makes me slightly annoyed. 

2. Lumping of tagged and self-tagged photos. You can't easily tell that I had hundreds upon hundreds more pictures other people tagged of me than I had tagged of myself. Now I can't tell if you're a picture whore or not, now you can't tell that I'm not. 

3. Combining the news feed with the wall means I can't easily tell how many wall posts you've gotten. Vice versa. You're only cool if you have over one-thousand wall posts..obvi. 

4. That people (myself included) are actually taking the time to debate the new Facebook in the first place. I've got an actual assignment to write for work. And the amount of effort from the millions of new Facebook haters probably would be better served solving, I don't know, the crises in Sudan, Darfur, Zimbabwe, domestic economic troubles, curing cancer and AIDs, the slowly disappearing bees, climate change, world hunger and poverty, the idiocy of creationism possibly being taught in school, that somehow aborting a fetus is not as touchy as sending people to fight, hurt and kill others, and possibly die in useless WARS, or whether my new hair color suits me better than my old one. Actually I rather like my new hair color, scratch that. 


1. Info+Applications are on separate tabs. This means I don't have to scroll through anyone's favorite movies and work history just to write "Happy Birthday" on the wall. Also, if I want to see which Disney Princess you are, that you slapped someone with a sheep, or managed to save a .06 pounds of carbon offset, all I need to do is click once on a separate tab! It's so easy! THANKS, NEW FACEBOOK!!

2. Photos. The pictures are bigger! And scrolling through them is easier. Oh, the sliding-through-various-pages feature is neat. 

3. It's cleaner and has more white space. Bumper stickers, although cute and gosh-darn funny and sooo represents whatever one can possibly say better than words, took forever to load on the old Facebook profile page and inspired a rage inside of me that caused me to like my some of my Facebook friends less because of them. 

4. Ever wonder which tagged pictures your Facebook friends can or cannot see in your profile because of various friends' album privacy settings? Well, with the new FB now I can see how my profile looks like to any one of my friends! (It's under Settings and it inspires a new stalkerish tendency in me which I adore.) Nifty! Now it's verified that my FB-using younger cousins can see those pictures from 80s-prom and know I'm an irresponsible drunk. Horray!

5. That so many people hate the new Facebook, that I'm willing to like it just to spite them. 

**EDIT** oct. 6

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