Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's a bananar!!


I don't know why this show was canceled.  

Look at what was #20 on Entertainment Weekly's 20 Dumbest TV Shows Ever. Contestants try to contort their bodies into cutouts in a foam wall or else they're pushed into a pool of water. Canned by Fox (what's new?) faster than, well, any other inane reality show on Fox. Please, please watch this gem of a clip I hyperlinked above. It's the Australian version, but the accents make it all the better. The contestants realize how absolutely fucked their buddy is.     
Favorite line: 
"That's not a bananar, that's a T." No shit, Aussie! Thanks for the laugh, indeed. 

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Jer C said...

hahaha the first time i saw this type of show, it was a japanese show. for some reason japanese often come up with the good stuff.