Wednesday, December 17, 2008

sunrise, sunset

Beppu has the worst sunsets. It kind of just turns pink and then it gets dark...brain fart...Land of the Rising Sun, duh. I love spontaneous epiphanies, especially while I'm typing stream of consciousness style. 

I've been having a really good week since the last post. So good that I hardly even want to mention them. Who likes reading about happy people? My blog is entirely about what annoys me...and my profound social commentary (yeah right). I can basically parallel this with an awful and awfully embarrassing Sex and the City reference because that's the only thing I've been watching lately: It's like when Carrie realized that she was unhappy with Aiden because there was nothing wrong with their relationship somewhere around season three or four. I've been cheating on my blog with happiness and contentment. And Carrie ended up marrying Big, now how about that? I think Proust said something about how grief empowers the mind. It also makes you a better writer. 

Since my blog lacks in lists, I've decided to make one about what I've been up to and what's been exciting:   
-I turned 23 and had a fantastic birthday week because...(sublist ensues):
-I hosted two travelers at separate times via and had the best time with both of them discovering Beppu, finally. HOTSPRINGS ARE AMAZING. 
-my supervisor treated me to gyoza and champon, or something, whatever it was good and I love how birthdays mean you don't pay for your food and everyone is nice to you. 
-I was only hungover in half the times I went drinking since the last post. 
-I cooked! A sesame-soy-miso, chicken, potato, broccoli, tofu stew. My very own recipe! It needed some salt, but it was edible.
-for winter holiday, I'm going to HONG KONG to see my family for Christmas and New Year! 

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el joma said...

i just bumped into your blog when i googled "beppu." am an incoming grad student at ritsumeikan apu. nice reading about your experiences in beppu!
el joma