Sunday, March 21, 2010

New entry because I feel guilty for not writing anything substantial for a month...not that any of my previous entries have any substance nor will this entry have substance either.

My year and a half in Japan is finally winding down. The contract is officially over May 22, and with grad school looming in the very tangible future it now feels like I'm on fast-forward. So how was Japan like: The inevitable question that will be posed. The saying goes, Hindsight is always 20-20, but I think I hold a skewed, blurred vision of this whole experience, and Lorraine's 24+ years of life in fact. What will I ultimately think about this foreign experience? I'll likely give people a 6-word summary of general adjectives that wont do any moment I've had here justice. "I had a great time." "I learned a lot." "I drank a lot of chu-hi." "I hate teaching children." "I met amazing people." "I picked up like 12 Japanese words." "Saved some money."

More later..

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Tony said...

Hey, wanted to know if you wanted to come along to a free weezer concert on Aug 7th on Huntington Pier. Feel free to pass it on to anyone who's interested. Thanks again for being a great hostess.