Friday, November 28, 2008

I have Wannabe stuck in my head

Firstly, HI JO

And secondly, today was awesome. Maybe it's my diet that's making me so happy. I've been taking a lot of St. John's Wort and everything I ate today either had sugar or caffeine in it. What a great Thanksgiving! 

Speaking of my irregular diet, even though I have my own kitchen, I have not actually cooked anything yet unless you count reheating leftover pizza in the toaster oven. I'm using my stove as a drying rack for wet dishes. And I haven't plugged in the fridge yet not only because I haven't bought any perishable food but also because I'm paying my own bills. 

In other news, I caught myself speaking English with a Japanese accent today in class. I think I'm turning Japanese.




1 comment:

SuJason25 said...

english w. a japanese accent. nice